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Hello, everyone. I'm Wataru Yamaji. Today, I would like to talk about cashless service.


  1. Explanation about cashless

  2. Impressions of practicing cashless life

  3. Summary of the movie

  4. Postscript

Chapter 1 : Explanation about cashless

I want to give you three questions.

Q. What is cashless?

A. The answer is the service that allow as to pay for merchandise without using real money.

Q. Why is cashless popular now?

A. Due to Japan’s consumption tax raised to 10% on Oct 1, 2019, Japan took measures for leveling consumer demand. As part of these measures, the project for encouraging businesses to introduce cashless payment systems and pass on benefits to consumers started. So, cashless payment was introduced one after another. Now, there is such a purchasing method. Among them, many stores have Pay-Pay because reduction rate is high.

Q. Third, how do you pay with cashless? In this situation, I’ d like to explain about how to pay with Pay-Pay. It has only 2 steps.

A. Step1, open the Pay-Pay application. Step2, show the bar code or QR code to the store clerk. It is easy to use, so you should use that.

Chapter 2 : Impressions of practicing cashless life

Good points

(1) Rebate percentage is high. : I used many types of payment. Especially, as a result of buying for one month with a co-op card, 520 yen was returned. I thought it was a great deal. Co-op card is reduced not only 5% off payment, but also received 0.3~1 point for every 100 yen you spend every time you go shopping. In addition, as another payment method, it has Pay-Pay. Up to 10% of the purchase price can be returned for each purchase.

(2) No risk of losing real money.

(3) Quick payment.

Bad points

(1) Security strength. : Recently, Seven-Eleven cashless service ‘7 pay’ ended only three months after the service started due to hijacked account. Since then, I was worried about safety. So, I think authentication settings like touch ID, face ID and password are very important to save the account.

(2) Penetration is low in Japan. : I often go to Starbucks Coffee, McDonald and Seria. However, their stores can’t still pay with LINE Pay, Pay-Pay and so on in Japan.

(3) It is impossible to purchase something by smartphone payment systems when the remaining battery capacity of smartphone is low or 0%. : It is necessary to always have a mobile charger in case of an emergency.

Chapter 3 : Summary of the movie

In conclusion, paying by cashless is so convenient than paying by real money. However, it’s necessary to use while paying attention to safety. The best way to maintain safety is to set up authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

Chapter 4 : Postscript

It was hard to find out useful topic about cashless. In addition, I was not good at creating videos, but I felt that the constitution of the application was simple. So, it was easy for beginners to use.

That’s all. Thank you for watching my video and JP2 website! :)


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Updated date : January 31st, 2020