Rikako FUKUI

Can you concentrate at a cafe?


In a café in the city, we often see people working or studying. I myself is working in a café and found that there is a typical stereotype of people who are using Mac and wearing a slim and striped suit. I wonder if they like to show off and if they are really concentrating. In this study, I examine if people can concentrate or what they do in a cafe. Several earlier studies indicate that people can concentrate and work will make progress in a café with white noise. A questionnaire survey conducted on 43 people revealed that a lot of them come to the café to relax. The results also show that only two out of 43 people were really concentrating and 41 out of 43 people wanted to relax.

In conclusion, my result suggest that cafe is suitable as a place where people can concentrate, however, a lot of people often used as a place to relax.

Let me introduce myself

I am Rikako Fukui. I live in Osaka.

My favorite drink is coffee. So one of my hobbies is café-hopping on a holiday. I definitely go to a cafe when I go abroad, because, I can feel the feeling of living in that country and interact with local people.

I like to relax at a cafe. So I work part-time at a cafe.

I'm asking out of curiosity...

Can you concentrate at a cafe? There is noisy. I wonder if people working or studying at a cafe are really concentrating.

Key word

White-noise : That has the intensity at all frequencies.

Third place : You can refresh and renewal yourself. There is neither your home nor your office.

My video


・Göran BW Söderlund,Sverker Sikström, Jan M Loftesnes and Edmund J Sonuga-Barke: The effects of background white noise on memory performance in inattentive school children

・Ravi Mehta, Rui (Juliet) Zhu and Amar Cheema :Is Noise Always Bad? Exploring the Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition


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