Jinfeng CUI

Welcome to my page lol


Name: Jinfeng CUI

Birth: AUG,22nd,1994


Hello Guys,I'm from China and now study in Ritsumeikan University department of Life medical, college of Life-science. I love travel and this photo

is taken in Hollywood during my short-term study abroad in UC Davis.

Also I love watch NBA and a fan of Stephen Curry. The second photo is when I watch warriors and thunder game in Oakland,CA. The most exciting thing is I met not only Stephen Curry but also Klay Thompson and


In my hometown our mother river has been polluted by city development and population rise. This river is called Fen river, a tributary of Yellow River. The location is showed in the map below.

During this project and I want to found a way to solve this problem by learning from Japan.

As we know that in Japan history Lake Biwa pollution has been a problem for Japanese people and Japanese government for a long time but now they made Lake Biwa much more beautiful and cleaner than before.

This video is all about what I reached in this term.

Kevin Durant.So, if your guys want to play basketball please contact me :)


1) 滋賀の環境について理解を深めたい/滋賀県(http://www.pref.shiga.lg.jp/d/kankyo/env-info/fukametai.html)


3)「琵琶湖淀川水系の水質保全と次世代育成を目的とした水質調査活動」(第六回日本水大賞[厚生労働大臣賞]),中地 重晴,P.43~46,2004




7)「汾河水环境问题及其改善措施思考」马一方,薛晓光 『中国环境科学学会学术年会论文集(2012)』P1306~1309.)