Wine and fatty foods

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Mikiya Watanabe

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I'm from Yamaguchi. I like tennis. I have played tennis for 9 years. My favorite food is meat.

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A red wine led to an astringent. Fatty foods led to an oral greasiness. Fatty foods are oily, eating it lubricates the mouth, making fell slick or even slimy. Previous studies indicated that an oral greasiness is decreased by taking astringent beverages. That is one of reason why red wine goes well with cheese. However, some people may dislike red wine and fatty foods combination. For example, there is a man. He likes fatty foods. He may like drinking white wine with cheese, because the greasiness isn’t decreased by white wine. This research and experiment were conducted to solve this hypothesis Eighteen volunteers cooperated in this experiment. They fill questionnaire after they drink red wine with eating cheese and white wine with eating cheese. The questionnaire includes the following questions, ‘Do you like fatty foods?’ ‘Which did you like red wine and cheese combination or white wine and cheese combination. The result demonstrated 63% of people who like fatty foods chose drinking white wine with cheese and all people who dislike fatty foods chose red wine with eating cheese. This research demonstrated people who don't like fatty foods favor combination of red wine and cheese. However, this research is not enough. Further pursuit is necessary.

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