Movie Clips

"Evolutionary analysis of etiological protein CDKL5 of Rest syndrome" by Satoki FUJIWARA

"Aurantiochytrium: possible substitute for oil" by Shoko OKA

"Shiga: an attractive place to raise children: by Natsuki TODA

"TOM Method" by Tomoaki ISHIDA

"A Warning Message: Making Pollination Great Again" by Yoshihiro KAJIWARA

"Ainu: 1% of ethnic groups in Japan" by Narita KOKI

"What should you take to recover from the fatigue?" by Chihiro TOKUNAGA

"Recommend of removal Helicobacter pylori" by Yoriyuki UEEDA

"Electronic Information Devices with Ritsumeikan University Students" by Maho YAMANAKA

"The different attitude toward love (Japanese and Chinese)" by Jiahui MA

"Music Remains" by Masashi NAKANO

"Suicide Related Gene: 5HTTLPR & Gene Therapy" by Yixin ZHANG