Department of Bioinformatics

Collage of Life Sciences

Ritsumeikan University

Maho Yamanaka


My purpose of this research is about the possession rate and purpose of the electronic information devices of Ritsumeikan University students, and they how well use it.

According to PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) by OECD, the self-evaluation of computer skills by Japanese 15 years old students is the lowest among the target countries in over 40 countries. In addition, many students responded that they don't use desktop computers and laptops, and the utilization rate of Japanese students was lower. Additionally, according to the survey by the Cabinet Office, ownership of smartphones and mobile phones is over 90% in Japan and other countries. However, Japanese ownership of tablet device and desktop computer is the lowest among the target countries, and laptop is second from the lowest.

While being said to be an information society, these data is too shocking for me living in Japan which an advanced country. So I tried to clarify the current situation of how use the electronic information devices Ritsumeikan University students by the interview and the questionnaire.


Ritsumeikan University students / Electronic devices / Smart phone / Laptop / Computer skills


    • Relationship between Computer Usage and Computer Skills:

    • Young People Who Don’t have Personal Computer:

    • Result of PISA2009:

    • Result of PISA2012:

    • Survey on the Consciousness of Young People in 2013: