Ma Jiahui

The different attitude towards love( Chinese and Japanese)



Now transnational love has become very common. But there are a lot of problems in this kind of relationship. I conducted a questionnaire survey of 50 Japanese and Chinese each about the way and attitude in the relationship , and i am also interviewed with a couple of transnational. As the result of the questionnaire, most of Japanese chose dutch treat when they are dating, and about the second question ‘ Will you introduce girl friend or boy friend to your friends and family? ’ they answered almost half and half for introduce and not. In the other hand Chinese generally will chose boy treat, and most of Chinese will introduce their girl friend or boy friend to friends and family. According to the latest research by the Xu Shuhua research group at the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, the results showed that the gene expression profiles of Chinese and Japanese were different. As stated above, we know that although the Japanese and Chinese people look very similar, even the distance between countries is also very close, but whether in the environment or history and culture, but also in the genes there is a big difference.So in this case, if you fall in love and want to better maintain the relationship, then you need more accommodation and mutual understanding.


Transnational love ,Dutch treat, marriage, Gene expression profiles, mutual understanding



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