Voice Your Ideas from Ritsumeikan!

What is JP2?

JP2, short for Junior Project 2, is an English course open for junior students of the Colleges of Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ritsumeikan University. It is also a part of Project-based English Program, PEP, an English program employed by four colleges of Ritsumeikan Univ.; College of Life Sciences, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sport and Health Science, and College of Comprehensive Psychology.

In JP2, as in other PEP courses, students launch and develop their own projects and present the results in English.

What is unique to JP2 is that the course has a deeply entrenched philosophy: "Voice your ideas in various ways." This leads JP2 to be one of the most characteristic English courses in Ritsumeikan Univ., where students are encouraged to express their ideas in a variety of forms; from formal academic paper to professional poster presentation.

Since 2014, JP2 has focused on making a movie clip, which is the media format college students today are most familiar with.

Presenters of JP2 in 2014

Another thing that characterizes JP2 is collaborative work between English teachers and researchers in life science and pharmacy. It helps students develop their own research projects and present the results in English in a single course.

Ms. Suemori at PEP Talks in 2014
Mr. Takeuchi at PEP Talks in 2015
TA members of JP2 in 2014

Video Messages from Senior JP2 Students

Interview with JP2 Students