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Movie Clips

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"Can we make the crop which is wanted by actual agriculture?" by Kana YANAI

"New type of Pharmacy" by Chisato MORINO

"What Has Made You Who You Are?" by Hikaru NAKANO

"Dye Metal With Quercetin" by Hirotaka IKARI

"Rust prevention methods technology and need" by Hiroyuki NOZATO

"Need more research on how to use Placebo effect" by Hyojin PARK

"Presentation Partner: Tekomi" by Jaehyuck JUNG

"The relation between leg and health" by Kana WADA

"A New Era of App Chemistry" by Arisa WAKIMOTO

"The Medicine Which Supports Japanese Medical Treatment: Kampo" by Chika KATO

"The Blind Side: The report including suggestion for the young generation about prenatal genetic testing" by Chihiro HIKICHI

"Germs fight to Allergy" by Chihana MASUNO

"Golden Rice" by Keido HIGUCHI

"Comparison of OXIDATION HAIR DYE Products for Young Japanese People" by Makoto KUSUNOKI

"Mechanism of Tumor Cell" by Masahiro YASOJIMA

"Causes of a Social Pollution and ways to detect them" by Masayuki SAKAGUCHI

"The Strangest Mammal" by Nao KAWAGUCHI

"Mechanism of consciousness Φ predicts" by Saichiro YAGI

"While There's Wood, There's Energy" by Sakura MINAMI

"endophyte: Save People from Food Shortage!" Sayoko SUEMORI

"Usefulness of Hand Writing: rhythm of charactes" by Shoko TO

"Hydrogen Society: Using hydrogen as a fuel" by Shota HIZUME

"Mind-Affecting Genes" by Tomohiro NAGANO

"Thermocouple: Compare the Electromotive Force of Some Pairs of Metal" by Yusuke KAMATANI