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Takumi INOUE

How can we solve the blood shortage?
~New ways of blood transfusion~
  • Takumi INOUE
  • Department of Biomedical Sciences
  • College of Life Sciences
  • Ritsumeikan University

My profile
Hi! I'm Takumi INOUE. My major is Biomedical Sciences.  I was born in Osaka, Japan. My hobby is watching movie or youtube. I was interested in how movies can help transmit the information well. JP2 class gives me how to make a video and presentation skills. I'm glad if you are interested in seeing my video.


Blood is important for maintaining life. In case of getting injured or illnesses, you may run out of blood. If shortage of blood is continuous, it may be the danger of life. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the blood in such situations. Transfusion is the only way to replace blood. Blood has been collected by blood donation, but blood shortage has become a serious problem in recent years.The purpose of this research is to think about how to secure blood to solve the blood shortage for the future. Transfusion is an indispensable treatment to save lives, but blood has many dangers. Transfusion infection is one of them. As the accuracy of the examination has recently increased, most people have never suffered from infectious diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS due to blood transfusion. However, several people are infected with viruses every year. Another is an immune response due to blood type. It is important to realize a safe, accessible and sustainable blood transfusion in order to solve the problem on blood transfusion.

My Video


*Japanese Red Cross Society

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

The Japan Society of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy(JSTMCT)

Department of Applied Chemistry, Chuo University, Komatsu Laboratory

RIKEN, bio resource center