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Junichi NAKATA

Share What We Want;
Make It Alive                 
Department Of Bioinformatics  Junichi Nakata

Who Am I??

 Hi!! I'm Junichi NAKATA. I am a bachelor degree student, department of Bioinformatics, college of Life-sciences in Ritsumeikan Univ. I was born and raised in Takarazuka in Hyogo prefecture. I love outdoor activities, I do horse riding every weekends as a hobby. Also I love traveling, this picture is when I climbed the Hollywood Trail in Los Angeles with my friend. Currently, aside from English, I'm studying Spanish so anything about Spanish or Latin culture is welcome for me! I'm curious about everything!! Also, I hope you guys can enjoy my project contents! 

Thank you.

By the way, I am a student DJ in Kyoto. 


 The education system in Japanese university has big problem nowadays. In fact, there is a mismatch between faculty expectations  and students’ needs. Many of students may hope that this problem will be solved.
 I found that incorporating the idea of sharing services into online syllabus going to be a key to solve the mismatch. According to professor Takashi Kawanabe at Ritsumeikan University, including comments and evaluations like shopping in Amazon onto online syllabus would make education 
meaningful  or both of students and teachers. Besides, this function would change the ‘Rakutan’ culture in Japanese university students. (‘Rakutan’ means a class which is easy to earn the credit.) However, we may have to deal with some disadvantages like aggressive comments or slanders so that this innovation would work. More researching will be needed.
 Ritsumeikan University announced one reform of online syllabus, they will integrate current manaba+R and online syllabus for developing better course taking. This reform has a potential to change current education system in Japan. Sharing something will make something alive.