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Jinfeng CUI

Welcome to my page lol
Name: Jinfeng CUI
Birth: AUG,22nd,1994
Hello Guys,I'm from China and now study in Ritsumeikan University department of Life medical, college of Life-science. I love travel and this photo 
is taken in Hollywood during my short-term study abroad in UC Davis.
Also I love watch NBA and a fan of Stephen Curry. The second photo is when I watch warriors and thunder game in Oakland,CA. The most exciting thing is I met not only Stephen Curry but also Klay Thompson and
Kevin Durant.
So, if your guys want to play basketball please contact me :)
 In my hometown our mother river has been polluted by city development and population rise. This river is called Fen river, a tributary of Yellow River. The location is showed in the map below.
 During this project and I want to found a way to solve this problem by learning from Japan. 
 As we know that in Japan history Lake Biwa pollution has been a problem for Japanese people and Japanese government for a long time but now they made Lake Biwa much more beautiful and cleaner than before.
 This video is all about what I reached in this term.